MicaForEveryone: Frosted glass window effect

MicaForEveryone allows you turn on Windows 11 translucent frosted glass window effects with one click (similar to Windows 7’s Aero blur effect).

With the release of the new version of Windows 11, more people have upgraded to the new system, although the new interface is relatively fresh, but for many people, Windows 7 era “translucent frosted glass/glass” window effect is more “sentimental The new interface is fresher, but for many people, the “translucent frosted glass/frosted glass” window effect of Windows 7 is more “sentimental” and ornamental.

In fact, Microsoft has developed window effects for Win11 called “Mica” (Mica) and “Acrylic” (Acrylic), which can show a translucent blurred frosted glass effect! Unfortunately, only a small number of native applications currently support. But with MicaForEveryone, a free open source tool, we can now also open all programs on Windows 11 frosted translucent glass effects.

Windows 11 (version 22H2 and above) is designed to provide excellent display material effects such as “Mica” and “Acrylic” as well as “rounded corners” window effects, and these materials make some of the program windows and title bars can be presented with a stunning translucent glass effect, the texture is quite good, compared to the Windows 7 era Aero frosted glass effect to look better.

Mica For Everyone is a free and open source beautification software that makes it possible for almost all third-party windows (title bars) with a standard window UI to enjoy a great translucent frosted glass visual effect!

In addition to the “Mica” effect brought by the new version of Windows 11, Mica For Everyone also has different “Blurring Styles” for you to choose from, you can set the window effects to “Mica Mica”, “Tabbed”, “Acrylic”, “Solid Color” and other different styles.

However, I personally think that “Acrylic” is more translucent than “Mica”, if you are looking for a transparent frosted texture, or acrylic looks more transparent, you can try it yourself. But note: you need to upgrade to Windows 11 to 22H2 or later to support Tabbed, Acrylic and other effects.

Also, Mica For Everyone supports setting Windows 11 window corner styles, such as optional: right angle, rounded corner, ellipse, etc. You can choose as many as you like.

The good thing about Mica For Everyone is that it also supports setting different “rules” for different software, so you can set different effects for different software individually to avoid compatibility problems. For example, you can set the translucent effect for the whole window as mentioned before, and you can set it for the specified software separately. After testing and making sure it’s OK, you can open the “Startup” option in the settings page.

In addition, Mica For Everyone also supports setting a separate dark and light theme color for the title bar of the software, either “Follow System” or “Dark” or “Light “. It can look very cool with dark style software! Here are some screenshots of the actual effect of the software after application.

By default, the blur effect is available only for the window title bar of the application. If you especially like the frosted glass effect, you can turn on the “Extend window frame to clients” switch in the advanced settings, this option will extend the blur effect of the title bar to the entire application window, so that the entire interface of the software is frosted glass, the effect is very beautiful!

However, after opening this feature may encounter some software startup crash problem, you can actually test their own commonly used software can be stable to use it. After all, this is a third-party software to force open the special effects, open too hard or may have compatibility problems.

As Windows has a strong backward compatibility, there are too many old software, but they currently can not directly enjoy the new Mica or Acrylic and other design effects brought by Win11, and the open source MicaForEveryone brings you new options.

Of course, it is not an official tool released by Microsoft, in some special cases may still encounter some display defects error situation, such as the use of some screen recording software will have an impact when enabled. But for those who like high value, beautify the system, this is an application worth playing.