App Updates New & Releases

At WordCampMidAtlantic, we’re continuously testing and using apps and recommend some of the apps worthy of mentions. The following apps are recently updated and released.

gTasks Pro

gTasks Pro is a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use task manager that syncs with Google Tasks. Google Tasks, built into Google Calendar, GMail or Google Apps, is a free and useful To-Do web-based service from Google. gTasks is a great desktop client for iOS and macOS platforms. gTasks uses a secure https connection, fully synchronizes data, and integrates perfectly with Google Calendar to support recurring tasks (daily, weekly…) such as monthly “credit card payments”. When a task is completed in a month, the next task is automatically moved to the next month. Reminders for upcoming tasks, including recurring reminders for repeating tasks.


The lightweight system extension uDock works in the system toolbar, using keyboard shortcuts or mouse hotspots to activate ╬╝Dock, it is almost invisible and ready when you need it


SyncTime is a file synchronization software for Mac. SyncTime is the easiest solution for synchronizing files and you can easily keep up-to-date copies of all your backups distributed across many devices with SyncTime.

Magic Sort List

Magic Sort List is a document editing software for Mac. Magic Sort List can help users to sort large disordered text intelligently, Magic Sort List has a revolutionary sorting engine that can help you solve sorting problems.

UninstallService 2023

UninstallService is the go-to app removal solution for desktop computers. The newly released UninstallService 2023 empowers you to get rid of any apps on Windows PC and Mac completely with ease.


CodeRunner for mac is a Mac development software on Mac platform that helps developers to program and develop. CodeRunner for mac is a programming development software on Mac platform that can execute some code without installing additional language environment and can also view the result immediately after running.