Osx Uninstaller 2024, MJ PDF and Other App Releases and Updates

The US-based Osx Uninstaller, the well-known application removal tool, has just announced the latest version Osx Uninstaller 2024, which is available as a free upgrade for all lifetime users. The latest version features a new, modern and streamlined interface as well as an optimized app removal core. Osx Uninstaller was our editor’s choice for the best application remover for Mac computers. It is one of the most essential tools you should have to keep your Mac running smoothly. You can upgrade to this latest version at the official OsxUninstaller.com website, where all lifetime licenses are on sale at affordable prices.

VSCO Studio: Veteran Retouching Tool Launches Desktop Version

Mobile photography has become our main way of taking photos, and in addition to wanting to take exquisite works with good composition and lighting, we also hope that through the form of post-processing editing, so that the picture presents a better texture – add filters, adjust the exposure, so that the photo from the visual style is very different from the original.

When it comes to photo editing apps on cell phones, naturally, VSCO is one of the best, both in terms of app design and quality, with a wealth of adjustments and filters to make your photography comparable to commercial blockbusters. However, VSCO has always been only a cell phone App, no matter the screen size, operation and efficiency, desktop has the incomparable advantages of cell phone, so after only two months of testing, VSCO officially launched a desktop web editor for its Pro members: VSCO Studio.

Similar to the mobile interface, the desktop interface of VSCO Studio is also quite design, Pro subscribers can use it by opening the browser and logging in to VSCO Studio. If you haven’t added photos to your account yet, the first thing you need to do is to upload an edited image, and once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your uploaded photo on your desktop and go to the editing page.

When you enter the editing page of VSCO Studio, the first thing you will enter is Presets, where you can choose different styles of filters to apply directly, without selecting them, the mouse will render the picture effect in real time when you move the mouse to a certain filter label, for example, I chose the M5 PRO filter for this photo taken on the Hong Kong seaside highway, which gives a nostalgic style of the olden days.

Once you’ve selected a filter, you can make detailed adjustments to its parameters, such as Strength, Contrast, Color, and Tone, all of which can be adjusted to precise values. When you’re done, click on the second tool in the rightmost toolbar, Tools, to enter the second stage of adjustment, where you can adjust Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Tint, Fade, and Skin Tone, and you can enter numbers for precise adjustments, of course you can also think of this as a desktop photo editor. Of course, you can think of this as one of the advantages of desktop photo editing.

The export function not only allows you to download your full-size images, but also to share them with VSCO to create your VSCO portfolio, so that your work can be appreciated by more people.

Personally, I think VSCO Studio is very suitable for deep users with Pro membership, firstly, it can get rid of the inconvenience of the mobile platform through the desktop web, and secondly, the screen is bigger on the desktop side, so you can see the details of the work itself and the filter changes when editing. Of course, the downside is that VSCO Studio is only available to the most advanced members of Pro.

MJ PDF: simple open source PDF viewer

In our daily work, often need to deal with a variety of documents, including PDF format documents are more frequent, as a version of a fixed, WYSIWYG file type, in the process of using to ensure that we can read and share the convenience. However, slightly cumbersome is to view and edit PDF files often need to use additional tools, and most of the preview feature comes with the phone is just barely enough.

MJ PDF is a lightweight, open-source PDF previewer, the installation is completely free of burden, will not take up too much cell phone storage space. Specifically on the function, MJ PDF basically has all the mainstream PDF reader has the main features. Whether it’s previewing, sharing or printing, it doesn’t matter. Through MJ PDF, we can make full use of the phone screen, full-screen reading documents, and secondly, MJ PDF can also help us open the online PDF and realize real-time preview.

The difference is that MJ PDF also has a unique feature: auto-scrolling. With the application’s auto-scrolling feature, we can realize a click on the document, and then no longer hands can lie flat reading. What’s more, the scrolling speed of MJ PDF can be adjusted by the user, so as to adapt to the reading speed of different users.

MJ PDF can also help us remember the progress of the last reading, to ensure that each time you open the application can immediately and seamlessly with the previous reading state, even if it is to open more than one PDF file is not a problem. If black text on a white background is not comfortable to read, MJ PDF also supports a dark color mode, so that users can switch at any time.

Overall, MJ PDF is a modest tool application, if you are looking for a lightweight, free and completely free of advertising interference in the PDF reader, then you may wish to download through the Play Store to experience MJ PDF.

lire 6.0 Update: Newsletter Reading Mode and Full Text Search Added

lire is a well-known RSS client. In addition to its outstanding and exquisite interactive design, its automated integration, full-text crawling, gesture operation and other features have made it an excellent RSS client with comprehensive capabilities, and it has also become the first choice of many reading enthusiasts who prefer to ingest fragmented information. Recently, the mobile version of lire has been updated to version 6.0, which mainly supports web display mode for newsletter content, different opening methods for different content sources, and full-text search capability.

Currently, lire supports newsletter subscriptions from kill-the-newsletter, Newsblur, Feedbin, Inoreader (Pro), Feedly (Pro+), etc., and you can use the newsletter’s own layout directly from within the app, rather than applying lire’s default layout. lire’s default layout.

However, before we can use this feature, we need to set up our subscribed newsletter in Settings > Articles > Open Mode to change the open mode to “Newsletter Mode”.

As you can see from the picture above, lire provides default opening mode settings for each content source, including full text, original content, Inline Webpage, built-in browser, Default browser, etc. Inline Webpage refers to displaying the web content directly in lire reader, and built-in browser means displaying the content directly in lire reader via Safari, Chrome, etc. Inline Webpage refers to displaying webpage content directly in lire reader, built-in browser refers to displaying webpage content in lire via default browser such as Safari, Chrome, etc., and Default browser refers to displaying webpage content in the application interface of Safari, Chrome, etc. itself.

In the new version, lire also supports full-text search for all articles. To use this feature, you need to enable “Full-text Search” in “Settings” > “General” > “Search”, and the content will be indexed for a certain period of time based on the number of articles you have.

GameTrack 5.0: A More Convenient Game Tracking Management Tool

Gametrack, a veteran game tracking tool, has recently received an update to version 5.0. As a game tracking app, its main function is naturally to track users’ gameplay on various platforms. For example, what achievements have been accomplished in game a, what is the progress of game b, etc. With this app, you can accurately track the progress of your games on all platforms. With this app, you can accurately control your status in each game, and know whether you are a diligent bee or a lazy pigeon in terms of gaming.

The 5.0 update brings a new main page for users. On the main page, we can easily see various game-related data. For example, the number of trophies we have and the time of game activity. In the upper right corner of the main page, we can see statistics based on the games in the library, such as the past year’s game review (subscription required), the division of the library’s game types, and the statistics of the users’ percentage of games within different platforms.

On the Explore page, we can find recently released new games as well as upcoming games. Below the upcoming games, you can even see how long it is until release. For example, underneath the two games that are closest to release, Froza Motorsport and Phantom Hellcat, we can see the words “in 16 hours”, and underneath Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it says “in 1 week”. Based on these data, we can know exactly when the game we want to play will be released. This update also brings a new categorization system. Under the “Completed” category, there are three more sub-categories, namely “story”, “extra” and “100%”. We can set which category the game belongs to on its own page, and GameTrack also gives us the ability to create our own custom lists to categorize games. As far as I can tell, I’ve been having trouble with my Steam settings, which are set to public, but they just won’t sync into GameTrack, so the main experience has been tracking the PlayStion platform. The sync is very fast and accurate, and achievements and trophies are all displayed. If you have a console at home and want to keep track of your trophies and achievements without having to leave your console, I highly recommend using this program. You can download it from the App Store.