Best Mac Apps 2023

SounceSource is an audio control software for mac that allows you to adjust input, output and sound devices and volume settings directly from the menu bar. Enable soft play from the input device to the output you want so you can hear the sound coming through any microphone or other source. SoundSource is an easy-to-use tool for quickly switching between Mac audio input and output sources. A menu bar based utility that gives you instant access to input, output and system devices and volume settings. Helps you control the volume of each source separately via the menu bar. As an added advantage, it also provides you with a quick way to access the full Sound Preferences pane. In addition, you’ll be able to quickly switch from one input or output device to another, making it an indispensable tool for DJs and other music professionals. You may also prefer to send your Mac system sounds to auxiliary hardware to get out of your way.

SuperDuper is a data recovery and backup tool for Mac platform, which can help you recover your computer’s mistakenly deleted files and even restore your lost data after formatting. SuperDuper! can backup system partitions or single/multiple files on Mac systems, and the partition files backed up by it can be booted directly from the boot.

The advantage of using SuperDuper! is that it only copies files in the system partition instead of copying them along with free space, which greatly reduces the backup file size compared to ghost backups. SuperDuper can come in handy if you want to transfer your Mac data from one computer to another or just make a simple backup. It can directly copy or “clone” files, providing data recovery, so you can get back to work immediately even if you make a mistake. It can also help recover files that have been deleted by mistake, and even formatted data that has been lost can be recovered.

ColoFolXS is a software that can be used to pick up colors in the case of design solutions. ColoFolXS is mainly divided into an operation window area and an editor. In the editor area, there are built-in color sliders, color libraries and other tools that can satisfy both the user’s operation of picking up the target color and the user’s operation of precisely configuring the color shade. ColoFolXS can also help users to add personalized colors to objects such as folders, and also supports users to use shortcut keys to define the operation of deleting certain colors, reflecting the simplicity and usability of more software.

Piezo is a great audio recording software for Mac, you can easily use Piezo to record your Mac’s built-in recording or microphone recording, such as recording the voice of QQ and Skype chat, music playing in the browser, video playing in the player and so on, and you can record with just one click of a button. Piezo is a small, simple and easy-to-use audio recording software for the Mac platform developed by Rogue Amoeba, a company that many of you may be familiar with from their other product, Audio Hijack Pro. Compared to the latter, Piezo is a completely new product developed by the company from scratch and is not a lite version of Audio Hijack Pro, which was done in large part to get it through the Mac App Store (where most apps of this type don’t make it).

Similar to Audio Hijack Pro and Ambrosia Software’s Wiretap Studio, Piezo can record audio directly from specific applications, such as the one pictured here, where I’m recording music from Douban Radio (a Safari application), and of course from your computer’s microphone.

In terms of features, Piezo is nowhere near as powerful as Audio Hijack Pro or Wiretap Studio, but the ease of use is a very obvious feature of Piezo. The only things you can control are: the audio source, the type of recorded file to be saved, the location where the recorded file is saved, and naming or adding an introduction to the recorded file. There is no compromise on the quality of the recording – AAC 256kbps stereo.

SiteSucker is a powerful tool for downloading whole websites on Mac, which can download all resources of the whole website to local hard disk. You can download the entire website to the local offline view tool, and not only download the HTML source files of the website, he even the overall structure of the website and all the following text, program files, images, video, audio and other data to the Mac local hard drive without missing a beat. It’s not just for downloading HTML source files, but also for downloading the entire website structure and all the following text, program files, images, videos, audio and other data to the Mac local hard disk.’s App Uninstaller’s App Uninstaller has been recognized by renown review sites as editors’ choice for app removal utility. It is the best Mac app uninstaller you can find or ever use. With the new version App Uninstaller 2023, you can completely uninstall any unwanted Mac apps in just a few clicks.

Unclutter is an efficient tool for quick storage of file information on Mac, similar to the drop-down menu on iOS. When we drag a file or link to the menu bar, Unclutter will show a staging space for us to put the file or text into. Unclutter has three tools: Clipboard, File Storage, and Notepad. Unclutter itself is a multi-functional hidden menu that contains Clipboard, File Storage and Notes. When you swipe down from the top of the screen with the mouse or Trackpad, the Unclutter menu will fall down and the next operations will be very easy. Try Unclutter to quickly organize your notes, frequently used files and clipboard contents on your desktop. Simply move your mouse to the top of the screen and swipe down to open Unclutter, drag and drop other content directly into the box, and let Unclutter take notes for you. With three tools in one, the Mac is now easier to use – the way you want it to be and the way you don’t want it to be.